Sunglasses? But it's not summer...

Most people correlate sunglasses with summer. Protecting your eyes and the skin around them from the harmful effects of UV is very imortant.  Even though UV radiation is not as strong in the winter as it is during the summer, we must still be concerned with protecting our eyes, especially from glare.  Of equal importance is making sure that you are wearing Polarized lenses as these will provide 100% UV protection while filtering out the glare coming off of surfaces like the road and your windshield. 

Many eyes are more sensitive to glare during the Fall and Winter months because the sun is lower in the horizon.  This is especially true for commuters since going to and from work usually coinsides with sunrise and sunsets, causing direct glare into the eyes.  This can temporarily blind a driver making it impossible to see what is happening around them. Consequently, as many as 9,000 glare related auotomobile accidents occur each year.1

Reasearch on the effects of sun glare suggest, that the brighter the day, the higher the risk of a glare related accident. A study showed that on a bright sunny day the average accident risk increases by 16% because of glare.2  

Your investment in a polarized pair of sunglasses may help prevent a glare related accident.  Polarized lenses are available in both Non-Prescription, Prescription and a variety of colors.  Please stop by and visit our optical in order to get the best fit possible.   


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Matthew Gada, OD Optometrist and founder of Eye 2 Eye Vision Care in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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